July 08, 2023

Disease Detectives!

Learners from year 7 and 8 have demonstrated exceptional dedication and effort during the spring and summer terms by participating in the Disease Detective project as part of the Brilliant Club. In addition to managing their regular schoolwork and extracurricular activities, these students have successfully completed the project.

A group of 14 learners diligently submitted regular homework assignments throughout the duration of the club. Their final task was to craft a 1500-word essay, utilising the knowledge they acquired during the course. They were required to employ critical thinking skills when incorporating external sources and adhere to the Oxford referencing system. This exercise not only strengthened their referencing abilities but also honed their self-evaluation skills, bolstered their confidence in independent study, instilled a proactive approach to feedback, and exposed them to the university learning environment. Furthermore, the learners gained an understanding of the university grading system, as their final assessments were graded using university standards. 

We are thrilled to announce that all our learners achieved high grades in their final assessments. Among them, eight learners obtained a 1st grade, while six achieved a 2:1 grade. To celebrate their exceptional commitment, a Graduation Ceremony was organized at The Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge on July 4th, 2023. 

During this memorable day, the learners had the opportunity to explore Cambridge City, visiting various colleges and learning about their illustrious alumni. They also visited notable landmarks and indulged in delightful experiences at Fudge Kitchen, Hardys sweet shop, and a souvenir shop. A campus tour of Emmanuel College allowed them to reflect on their learning journey throughout the course. At the Graduation Ceremony, certificates were presented to the learners, and Anaya Patel and Gabrielle Wesley delivered speeches as representatives of the Brilliant Club, sharing their valuable experiences. Throughout the day, the learners showcased their exceptional conduct, asking insightful questions, and actively participating in the lecture rooms, thereby representing The Martin High School admirably. 

As educators at The Martin High School, we take immense pride in the achievements of our Brilliant Club members. Mrs. Patel, in particular, has thoroughly enjoyed working with and supporting each and every one of them, starting from the project's launch and extending all the way to their graduation.