English & Media

At The Martin High School KS3 pupils have 4 lessons of English a week.

This gives us the opportunity to explore a massive scope of texts, skills and possible approaches. We as a department are passionate about teaching our pupils to read and write to a high standard, to communicate successfully, and to appreciate and enjoy the richness, diversity and beauty of the English language. Our aim is, where possible, to cater for the needs of the individual student. We make our lessons accessible to all and as enjoyable and up-to-date as possible using entertaining resources.

We seek to give each pupil the necessary skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening which will equip them for a society that places enormous literacy demands upon us all. Each year pupils study a full-length novel, a selection of poetry, a play script and a selection of shorter texts including non-fiction.

The school library works closely with the English Department. It is well stocked, well used and supervised by staff who have a good working knowledge of recent fiction. Independent reading is always encouraged. In KS3 students have one library lesson a fortnight to make the most of this excellent facility. Pupils are encouraged to push their reading limits and discover new writing with reading lists available for every age and ability.

We also offer a range of extra-curricular activities to bring texts to life and challenge our pupils. This includes trips to places such as Stratford-Upon-Avon, theatre trips and author visits, as well as working with other departments in the faculty in arranging a Christmas production and the Summer Concert.

reading lists
Year 7 and 8 Reading List
Year 9 Reading List