Assessment and reporting

A personalised approach to assessment that provides a framework for learner progression

Assessment at Martin High School is:

  • Accurate and consistent
  • Honest and ambitious
  • Appropriate, meaningful and understandable
  • Inspires greater effort through feedback and support
  • Raises expectations and standards

The model for Key Stage Three:

  • At KS3 we will use a model where learners are assessed relative to where they are expected to be for their given year group
  • Learners are assessed on the number of Key performance indicators that they are able to meet
  • The expectation relates to what a learner should be capable of achieving at this point for their year group
  • This is relative to the work/topics covered in the subject at that point

The model:



Mastery Level



Beginning to work towards age related expectation


Working Towards

Working towards age related expectation



Working at age related expectation


Secure +

Working at greater depth


What will you get home?

  • Each year we will officially track your child’s progress at three key points
  • At these points the report home will include a reference to the progress your child is making, current grade and your child’s effort grade
  • Your child’s current grade will be preceded by their year group e.g. A year 7 report will contain 7B,7W,7S
  • As we get closer to the end of the year, your child will make progress towards an ‘End of Year target grade’.


Sample Key performance indicators
Assessment fridge sheet
Year 7 Effort reports