The Martin High School is situated on the edge of the village of Anstey, in North West Leicestershire.

Glenfield, Braunstone Frith & New Parks

Any pupil year 10 or above from September 2017 and currently receiving transport assistance will continue to do so unless they move address.

From September 2017 pupils in years 7,8 & 9 will only receive free transport if their nearest school is the MHS and more than 3 miles away from their home address.
Martin High School and the County Council have joined forces to provide transport for all pupils, both fare-payers and those entitled to free transport.

We have arrangements with Andrews Coaches who offer an annual fee of £437 with easy payment terms.

Liberty Road, Glenfield, Cropston, Thurcaston & Beaumont Leys

Viking Travel runs a commercial pay as you go service. Please click here for the route. The cost from Glenfield is £1.50 per journey, £2.50 return.  The cost from all other locations is £1 per journey.  The stops are located:

  • Liberty Road, Glenfield
  • Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre
  • Astill Lodge Road, Thurcaston (top)
  • Astill Lodge Road, Thurcaston (bottom – near new houses)
  • Wheatsheaf Pub, Thurcaston
  • Cropston

If you want more detail on where the bus stops are in these locations or any other queries, please call Viking Travel on 01283 217012.