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Homemade Yogurt

The Catering Team will now be producing homemade yogurt in various flavour! Each pot will cost 60p and will be available for all 3 services. Various interesting flavours will be available and ideas for new flavours are welcome! So why not have a healthy, yet delicious pot today?

Click for more information from Easiyo – the yogurt making system





School Catering Team

Lisa Sharma
Catering manager
Lisa Della-London
Assistant catering manager
Leanne Faulkner
Catering Assistant for deli bar
Jodie Hanwell
Catering Assistant for breaktime
Denise Spencer
Catering Assistant for munch box
Nicky Bott
Lunch Time Supervisor
Sue Jones
Lunch Time Supervisor
Sharon Whittal
Lunch Time Supervisor
Sarah Kelly
Lunch Time Supervisor