At Martin High School we recognise the value in the experiences extra-curricular opportunities such as trips can bring. As such here is a porposal for the trips departments are intending to run in the academic year 2021 - 2022.

Only those students who display good behaviour, and have good attendance and punctuality are allowed to go on national or international trips

Subject area Trip to:  Target year group:  Which term:  Rough cost:
English Trust-wide Play-in-a-Day Year 7 Autumn Normally covered by the Trust
Creative Arts  Curve/Local Theatre   Year 7  Autumn 2 (Dec/Panto)  £20 
Latin EMACT Latin Readers Year 8 Autumn Normally covered by the Trust
Geography Castleton Year 8 Autumn 30
Music and Drama  Nottingham Theatre royal  Year 10 and 11  Autumn 1  £30 
Geography Skegness Year 11 Autumn 15
Classics British Museum Year 11 Autumn/Spring TBC - depends if we go with other Lionheart Schools! 
Classics Cambridge Year 11 Spring/Summer TBC - depends if we go with other Lionheart Schools! 
Media Media Museum Year 9/10 Autumn/Spring £25 
English Trust-wide Play-in-a-Day Year 8 Spring Normally covered by the Trust
History  London Year 9 Spring 50
Creative Arts (Music, Art and Drama)  London Arts Residential  Year 10  Spring 2  £220 
Drama  Theatre  Year 10 and 11  Spring 1  £25 
Art  London/Liverpool (Big City Gallery trip)  Year 11  Spring 1 (Week 1-January)  £40 
 Art   Yorkshire Sculpture Park Year 7  Summer 2  £20
History  Warwick Castle Year 7 Summer  35
Geography Italy Year 8 Summer  700
History  Berlin  Year 10  Summer  450
English  Theatre production of set texts - various Year 10/11 Dependent on showings  Between £10 and £20/£25
Geography Iceland Year 11 Autumn 2022 £940


As trips are confirmed and bookings become available this will be communicated by letter to the relevant year groups throughout the year.