Term Dates 2021/2022

November 25, 2020

Re Term Dates 2021/2022


Dear parents and carers


As a Trust we would like to take this early opportunity to share with you the term dates for all Trust Schools for the academic year 2021/2022. Whilst we normally endeavour to follow the term dates set by Leicester and Leicestershire Local Authorities, for the academic year 2021/2022 we will be changing these dates slightly in order to support the learning of our pupils.


Our rationale for these changes are as follows:


  1. The 2021/2022 academic year is unusual in that the Local Authority proposals result in pupils returning to school earlier than normal in August and completing the school year by July 8th. As a result, the Autumn term is particularly long and the summer term very short. At Lionheart we believe that having terms more evenly balanced is beneficial for the learning of our pupils.


  1. Due to covid 19, A-level and GCSE results days have both been delayed and are scheduled to take place after Leicestershire and Leicester terms have started. This means that those receiving their GCSE results will not be able to confirm their place at our sixth form provisions, and therefore start their A-level studies, until several days into the term. By delaying the start of the term slightly we can ensure that their learning time is maximised.


Therefore, we have decided to shorten the Autumn Term for pupils by two days so that the Autumn Term begins on Friday 27th August.  In January, pupils will return on Wednesday January 5th (one day later than the Local Authority proposals) and as a result will break up for the Summer Holidays three days later on Wednesday July 13th. No other dates/holidays are affected by these changes. Please see the next page for full term dates which will also be posted on the school website.


We hope that by informing you this early it will not cause you any undue difficulty and also allow you plenty of time to plan any holidays with your family so that they occur outside of school term time.


Kind regards

Kath Kelly








Lionheart Academies Trust School Term Dates for 2021/2022





25th August 2021               Staff Inset

26th August 2021               Staff Inset          

27th August 2021               Term Start

30th August 2021               Bank Holiday                                                     

18th October 2021             Half Term Start                                                 

22nd October 2021            Half Term End                                                   

17th December 2021        End of School Term                        


75 School Days/2 Inset Days




3rd January 2022                Bank Holiday

4th January 2022                Staff Inset

5th January 2022                Term Start

14th February 2022           Half Term Start                                                 

18th February 2022           Half Term End                                                   

8th April 2022                      End of School Term                                        


63 School Days/1 Inset Day




25th April 2022                   Term Start                                                          

2nd May 2022                      Bank Holiday                                                     

30th May 2022                    Half Term Start                                 

3rd June 2022                      Half Term End                                                   

13th July 2022                     End of School Term


52 School Days


Other Key Dates:

A-Level Results Day:        24th August 2021

GCSE Results Day:            27th August 2021