House System

This year marks the start of an exciting new journey for Martin High as we launch our first whole school House System.

Drawing on our local links with the National Space Centre, the houses which encompasses forms from every year group have been named after three inspiring space missions: Discovery, Endeavour and Voyager.

The aim of our House system is to create supportive relationships between our pupils across different years as they work together to complete House tasks, such as raising money for their House Charities through to inter house sporting competitions.

Right from the start with our Launch Day on August 30th, the pupils began working together in mixed age group classes on projects from designing our new house logos, creating web pages and competiting in a galaxy cake bake off. Throughout the year there will be more opportunities for the houses to work together and to promote the Martin High team spirit.

Miss Cook

Year 7/ Year 8

‘the process of finding information, a place or an object, especially for the first time’

Mr Williams


‘a long journey worth taking’

Mrs Norman


‘ try hard to do or achieve something’

Year 7/ Year 8 KS3 KS4
7I – Mrs Ward 7A – Miss Greenhill 7M – Mrs Ahmed
8T – Miss Hallam 7T – Mrs Marsh 7R – Miss Hobson
8I – Mr Davidson 8R – Miss Karim 8M – Miss Hadfield
9N – Mrs Kaur 8A – Miss Yeasbley 9A – Mrs Hibbert
9R – Mr Witton 9M – Mrs Merrifield 9I – Miss Orchard
10R – Mrs Tyson 9T – Mrs Chambers 10T – Mrs Yallop
10N – Mr Black 10A – Miss Kaur 10I – Mrs Newton
11N – Miss Gee 10M – Mrs Mercado 11T – Miss Milner
11N – Mrs Thomas/ Mrs Simpson 11A – Mr Creissen 11R – Miss Holmes
           11M – Mrs Kinsey / Miss Watts