It is an exciting time to study Science at MHS.

We have introduced a range of new and exciting courses that create opportunities for our students to develop their understanding of the Scientific World and inspire them to become our future scientists.

Our new KS3 course enables students to become experts in ‘Working Scientifically’. Our aim is to prepare students with the necessary literacy, communication and mathematical skills needed to be a successful scientist. The course is delivered over three years and students undertake studies in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We deliver 36 invigorating units that provoke scientific curiosity and develop skills in collecting evidence to support their ideas. The final eight units in Year 9 assist with transition from KS3 to KS4. The course includes a number of assessments including end of topic tests, extended written homework tasks, comprehensive research projects and a final end of Key Stage 3 exam.

GCSE study provides the foundation for understanding the biological, chemical and physical world around us. We develop depth of scientific understanding, and how our scientific understanding is vital to our world’s future. Students learn essential knowledge, methods, processes and the uses of science around us. From 2016, Year 10 students will opt to follow either 1-9 Combined Science or the 1-9 Triple Science route. These two pathways will use the new 1-9 grading system and will undertake external examinations in all three science disciplines. Examinations are a mixture of different question styles, including multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, calculations and extended open-response questions.

At KS4, our rigorous schemes of learning and end of topic assessments are perfectly matched with our exam board specifications and our new bank of differentiated resources are endorsed by the exam board, Edexcel. Our resources are matched to all abilities and we strive to extend all of our learners. Our excellent laboratory provision allows our students to undertake a range of compulsory practical lessons throughout their GCSE course. Not only does this enhance manipulation of equipment but also develop the necessary skills to study Science beyond KS4.

Our new Active Learn homework system enhances and reinforces the learning taking place in the classroom. Active Learn encourages students to take responsibility for their home learning and stay organized and is embedded throughout both key stages. The multi format system allowing students to access homework tasks from computers, tablets and smart phones. They receive instant feedback on their progress and increases their motivation.

The Science department are at the forefront of delivering STEM activities. STEM at MSH allows students to link science with technology, engineering and maths. Our clubs are a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage our students with STEM subjects. Student involvement with STEM clubs enables them to gain practical, team work and leadership experience. STEM not only improves and increases student motivation, but also inspires them to enter STEM careers.

Our supportive team of teachers and support staff ensure that our students fulfil and reach their full potential as they learn more, do more and be more in science.