Welcome for New Year 7 2021

A Welcome from our Executive Headteacher, Laura Sanchez, and Associate Headteacher, Phil Cooling.

A warm welcome from our Executive Headteacher, Mrs Sanchez, and Associate Headteacher, Mr Cooling. They’re here to tell you a little bit about what it means to be a Martin High learner!


A welcome from Lionheart Trust CEO, Kath Kelly

We’re part of the Lionheart Academies Trust, a family of 11 schools based in and around Leicestershire. Kath Kelly, our CEO, would like to welcome you to the Lionheart Family too.

What do our current students say about Martin High?!

Check out our Powerpoint presentation on what our current Year 7 Learners have to say about Martin High! Click here to get started.

Say hello to our new form tutors!

When you first start your journey with us, you’ll have your own form tutor who will help to guide you, listen to any worries you may have, and make sure you start everyday with a smile.

They’ve included a little paragraph about themselves here!

Welcome Year 7's to the Martin High School! Prepare yourselves for the best years of your school life. Yes, there'll be expectations set and rules to follow but there'll also be wonderful and exciting things to look forward to like meeting new friends joining our clubs. So, a little bit about me; my name is Mrs Kaur and my role is within the fab Science department as a Graduate Mentor. I have been at this school since 2011 and I absolutely love working here. I think one of my biggest achievements lately is participating in the Wolf Run! If there was to be a strange fact about me, it would be that I love ketchup sandwiches!

Hi future Year 7, and a warm welcome to the Martin High School. My name is Mr Creissen and I’m really excited to be one of the Year 7 tutors next year. I am the Head of Humanities at Martin High which means I look after History, Geography, RE and Health and Social care. My job at school is a little different as I also spend part of the week teaching at the Cedars Academy in Birstall so you might see me there if you stay and do your A-levels with us. Outside of school, I love playing cricket during the summer for my team Huncote; I love football too and I am a keen supporter of Coventry City.

Hi year 6,

I am Mr Davidson, and if I am your tutor, we will see each other every single day for registration. And every day I want to see you smile as you skip to all the different lessons and subjects that you will be going to. If you are not smiling, then I am someone who can listen and hopefully help. If we have PSHE together I will help you learn how to be a decent citizen in this community and country. We will explore how to live a healthy life in many different ways. We will look at what it means to respect each other and people different to us, and we will even find out how to enter and live in the world after Martin High School. I have been teaching Design and Technology at MHS for quite a long time. Some people would say I’m a geek, but in my spare time I love turning my compost heap over, doing DIY on my house and of course, Star Wars is the absolute greatest. 

See you soon!

Hi everyone, my name is Mr Cropley and I have been teaching Mathematics at Martin High since 2018. What I enjoy most about our school is how we are like one big family. We respect and celebrate each other's individuality and support one another to help everyone become the best version of themselves. Some of my hobbies and interests are stargazing, travelling and quantum physics. 


What could my school day look like?

Here’s an example of what your timetable could look like. We’ll give you your actual timetable when you start at school and be on hand to help you find your classrooms until you get to know your way around.

Our Uniform

Now on to something very important – fashion! Well, maybe not quite, but uniform is definitely an important part of school life. It helps all our students belong to Martin High’s community and we take pride in seeing our students dressed so smartly every day. So, what will you need to wear?

Uniform is ordered through John Cheatle Schoolwear, with more information here.


Tour Martin High School!

Want to refresh your memory of what Martin High looks like? Take a practice run through the corridors with our Head of Year 7, Mr Black !




If you have any questions, please get in touch at office@martinhigh.org.uk.